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Let's get Stillwater's new park name right.

St. Croix Valley community members have come together to revisit the opportunity to name a new flagship Stillwater park and celebrate the area’s long human history and exceptional natural resources.

"The name we give to something
shapes our attitude toward it."

- Katherine Paterson, novelist


With appreciation and acknowledgment for the work of the Stillwater Parks and Recreation Commission and the Stillwater City Council, we seek additional brainstorming around different ideas for the name of the city's newest park. This 15-acre site with nearly a mile of river shoreline will surely be treasured for generations.


We believe the city can do better than “Lumberjack Landing,” and has a responsibility to thoughtfully consider the message delivered by a park name. We seek a name that can be woven into what was, what is and what can be. A name can be multi-dimensional, descriptive and inspirational. Names should remain relevant as the community grows and changes.

Stillwater has promoted a lumberjack narrative for decades. It is an important part of the community’s heritage, but is widely used and overshadows other stories. We seek a comprehensive perspective—there is more here to share and more to build upon. Logging lasted less than a century, while the river valley’s human and natural history stretches back at least 10,000 years.

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Possible Park Activities


Field Guide
Storybook Trail and Art

Kayak + Canoe Landing
Walking, Fishing, Picnics

Bicycling Rest Stop
Planned Swimming Beach
Can you think of others?


The North Aiple Park Master Plan highlights “passive park” themes meaning no organized recreational sports. Passive, however, does not mean inactive.


The Master Plan and the public survey respondents highlight the area’s natural assets: natural vegetation and natural beauty, preservation and restoration, peace and quiet.

Recently, the region marked the 50th anniversary of the Wild & Scenic Rivers Act and the 100th anniversary of the National Park Service. As a National Scenic Riverway, the St. Croix is praised for its conservation and stewardship.


This natural resource is an inspiring part of our region’s future. From the gap just north of the park, visitors can see where the river becomes a lake. The property is uniquely positioned where the waters slow and the river widens.


This is one inspiration for the name Stillwater, a place where the pace of the river slows—unhurried as it moves along.


Possible Park Names

And relation to key themes.

Heron Rookery Park


Wild & Scenic Park

St. Croix National Scenic

Place Where the Birds Gather

Ho-Ka Be Park

(Ojibwe for heron, to hatch)

Abwi Landing

(Ojibwe for paddle)



Anwebi Landing

(Ojibwe for he/she rests)

Stillness + Renewal

Legacy Park

Related to past and future legacies, and the state and county the Legacy funding used to support park purchase


Oneota Park
Pre-European residents.


Can you think of others?


Get In Touch, Get Involved

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We need your input, ideas and advocacy.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

This effort is coordinated by Tracy Maki (Stillwater), Heather Rutledge (Stillwater), and Greg Seitz (May Township).

Please contact us if you wish to get more involved or have any questions.

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